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Where Good Things Come Easy

Woodley Vending is a new, innovative vending company
with so much to offer!

All of our machines look great and are easy to operate.

Woodley Vending does not charge any installation fees or maintenance.

We are insured and ready to serve!

Customizable Cold Drink/Snack Machines

We have a customizable Cold Drink/ Snack Machine that can be filled with the snacks and drinks that you desire. We do not have any contracts with any cola or snack companies, so the options are almost endless. We stock the machines. We clean the machines. We maintenance the machines. Hassle free for our customers. The Cold Drink/ Snack Machine can also be customized with Your own Logo or we can have one specifically designed for your company, free of charge.

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Coffee Systems

Woodley Vending offers an exceptional coffee service as well! Our coffee machines brew some of the best coffee you can find. Ground from fresh espresso beans, our machines have options such as Espresso Shots, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate, Americanos and more! Our coffee machines are serviced, maintained and filled by Woodley Vending. We provide cups, stirrers and sugar. This saves time for your employees who may have to find the time to mind a current coffee station. We provide a clean and healthy service, always with a smile.

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